Saturday, August 2, 2014

Prune your Facebook Friends

A number of people have expressed to me over the last few weeks that they are experiencing dilemmas because of Anti Israel and Anti Semitic comments made by Facebook Friends.

These "Facebook Friends" are often work colleagues, old school mates, friends or even family.

The question is how to react to these comments.

I think the comments fall into two categories.

The sentiments are expressed out of ignorance and misinformation. I think this is where the majority of cases lie. People do not always feel equipped or motivated to try and re-educate these people as to the truth of the situation in Israel. It is very rare that you will have a discussion with someone and they will come out of it at the end saying, "yes you are correct , I never thought about it like that". People will generally stick to their formed opinions but perhaps your arguments and information can help to diminish by a fraction as to how tightly they cling to these views. I suggest you keep these friends and try to feed them a diet of non-biased media.  If you are unwilling or unable to present the arguments for Israel send them links. I know you may be reluctant to politicise your relationship, but remember they are the ones who made the initial comment.

The second category are easy to deal with. These are people chose to be misinformed and choose to hate us, people who have a wealth of lies and propaganda at their fingertips and spread hate. Un friend these people and try to avoid them in any situation. You will never convince them to change their minds and no-one else will either.

  1. Hamas is dedicated to the destruction of ALL Jews — it says so in their charter and they refuse to repudiate it.
  2. I am a Jew so Hamas is trying to kill me and my family.
  3. Someone who supports, aids or provides information in support of Hamas (and by extension their mission) is an accomplice in my attempted murder and does not get to be my “friend”.

You will find yourself to be lighter and happier in the end.

How To Unfriend on Facebook

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