Saturday, July 26, 2014

Why isn't Hamas shooting rockets at Egypt ?

A question often asked but not really answered is why is Hamas shooting rockets at Israel. The response is normally an incoherent answer, where you will hear the words, occupation, blockade, prisoners thrown.

Hamas have no understandable reason to be shooting at Israel, and whatever reason they do have applies equally if not more so to Egypt

Why isn't Hamas shooting rockets at Egypt ?

1)  Neither Israel nor Egypt occupy any of the Palestinian territory in Gaza. Israel withdrew every last Jew from Gaza in 2005 and do not occupy 1cm of Gaza.

2)  Egypt and Israel both impose a blockade restricting goods flowing into Gaza. The purpose of the blockade is to prevent to influx of arms into Gaza.  Israel Supplies over half of Gaza's electricity. The Palestinians owe billions of Shekels to the Israeli Electricity.  Most of Gaza's liquid fuel is supplied through Israel. Both Egypt and Israel for the most part allow the free transfer of humanitarian items into Gaza.

3)  Egypt and Israel both have arrested hundreds of Hamas and Hamas affiliated individuals read Muslim Brotherhood. Egypt has recently confirmed the death sentences of 182 of the 683 Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas affiliated individuals. Israeli law has no death sentence.

As demonstrated none of the three reasons above hold much water.

The only remaining explanation is for Hamas's continued suicidal attack on Israel is an Islamic Jihad against the Jews. This is not something which Hamas hides, they openly state in their charter. "The Day of Judgment will not come until Muslims fight the Jews, when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say, 'O Muslims, O Abdullah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.'

However despite all evidence to the contrary the abundant support for the people of Gaza throughout the non Islamic world insists on ignoring this explanation and  contriving to find a reason which they can understand for the actions of Hamas.

I will not go into my theories and explanations as to why this is. I would be happy if each an every anti Israel protestor asked themselves honestly one question. Why is Hamas not firing rockets at Egypt. If they do this with an open mind you will realise that Hamas and Al Qaeda are alike and neither are victims.

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